Pomodorini – Another Miracle!

Miracolo di San Gennaro Tomatoes
Miracolo di San Gennaro Tomatoes

From Sabatino Abagnale, expert and passionate producer of our Miracle di San Gennaro Tomatoes comes our latest tomato find: Pomodorini di Gragnano. Grown in small numbers on the Mount Lattari Park, in the Vesuvius area, the Gragnano ecotype is a small light bulb shaped tomato, sort of a mini San Marzano. The scant water, abundant sun and arid temperatures of this area of the South of Italy lend this prized tomato very low acidity, exceptional sweetness and a rich pulp. Flash cook Pomodorini di Gragnano – 3 minutes will do – to release their fruity, mineral taste

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  1. i pomodorini saranno ancora più buopni se li verrai a gustare in Italia nella country House Case Catalano di Abbateggio, visita il sito http://www.casecatalamno.it

  2. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    Cristina mistyped her own plug – when you copy and paste it, watch that you take the m out!
    About the tomatoes – sounds exciting! I had the “regular” version last season. Well, can the term “regular” even be used with these outstanding specialty tomatoes? You know what I mean, I had the bigger ones, and they were indeed fantastico. I will surely check the small ones out.

  3. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    Meanwhile I have tried the wonderful little pomodorini and I am loving them! A great sauce is made so fast, a flash sauteeing with garlic and olive oil will do to bring out the wonderful aroma that will make your pasta incredible!

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