Lorenzo Piccione’s Pianogrillo at the MOMA!!!


Lorenzo Piccione is a musician and makes the splendid Pianogrillo EV Olive Oil, and many other products in Ragusa, Sicilia. Either of these activities would be full time jobs for anybody else. Not for Lorenzo, who is restless, very creative and knows everything about olive oil. So, he and his friend Kobi Wiesendanger designed an olive oil taster which is produced by Alessi. Not only! Lorenzo’s olive oil taster is a work of art: it is displayed at no less a place than the MOMA!!! When Lorenzo told me, I couldn’t believe it! So, I went to check it out. True, and documented with picture above. With this device, you can really taste the oils. Next time you come to see us in the warehouse, we’ll let you try it! Or, you can buy your own. Bravo Lorenzo!!!


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  1. Certo! Un olio cosi’ buono lo vogliono tutti gli chef in America! E anche il dosatore, che se no se ne consuma troppo! Grazie!!!

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