Petra Flour, Stone Milled by Molino Quaglia

Petra Flour
Petra Flour

Petra flour, the stone milled flour made by Molino Quaglia, near Padova, will be in our warehouse in the Spring of 2011. We know very little about flour: the closest l get to it is making bread at home, which is often a failure. Don’t worry, by spring we will be prepared!!! We are reading everything about flour; we keep consulting the Quaglia family; we ask our friends who know and cook with flour. We also give a bag of flour to try to the friends we think are “Petra-worthy”. Odette Fada, who came to the office for lunch the other day and is considered one of the best chefs in NYC, is certainly very Petra worthy!!! In the video below (click the arrow below) Stefano explains to Odette the difference between Petra number 3 and number 9. I’m not sure I understand either! It’s going to be a long learning process. Anyhow, Odette promised she will try the flour and will get back to us! Grazie Odette. If you think of yourself Petra-worthy, too, let’s talk!!!

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  1. I am baking our bread at home, as the breads offered in american supermarkets are inedible for Germans. I am experimenting with various baking methods for various breads in various seasons, and I am very interested to learn more about these flour variations. Definately will pick up a bag of each when we’ll come visit you this spring!

  2. very well! this flour is really incredible. best wheat, stone milled. good for pastry, pizza, pasta and bread, they say. we’ll learn more about it together. ok?
    looking forward to seeing you in the warehouse soon.

  3. Tiziana Mazziotto says:

    Where can I buy Petra Flour?

  4. wherecan I buy petra flours in the usa

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