Our Pesto just flew in, fresh, from Casa Lombardi. Easy to make and delicious!

pestoCasa Lombardi not only uses basil genuinely from Liguria – it’s particularly the famous basil from Prà (a small village on the southwestern outskirts of Genova). Prepared with infinite passion and expertise by Francesco and Lorenzo Lombardi, who have succeeded in combining the classic ingredients – basil, of course, but also extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, Parmigiano and Pecorino Romano – this condiment has an arresting aroma that will not only delight your senses, but prove hauntingly persistent in your memory.

Moreover, making pasta with this pesto sauce is really simple. Cook and drain the pasta, put in back in the pot, pour in the sauce, add some water from the pasta to taste, stir and you’re done! A jar is good for 4 people.

Now, the official and formal commercial: If you want to use the perfect pasta shape for pesto, you might like to try Trenette by Latini, made in the Marche region by Carlo and Carla Latini.

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  1. albgardis says:

    Last night I had this pesto for the first time. I am often using pesti, various kinds, but I had always shyed away from this one, as its price is really steep. Now I had taken advantage of a 40% discount (friend them on facebook, you will see wonders how the deals, sales and discounts pop up there!!), so I just had to take the chance to try this.
    I am still amazed. It is unbelievably great. The ingredients are pure, nothing at all like the terrible stuff you’ll get at your local supermarket (which will contain bad fillers like potatoe flakes or cornstarch, and will be made with canola oil or even worse…)
    Opening the jar was already filling my nose with the irristible aroma of fresh basil, pine nuts and a very slight saltiness. The colour was quite bright, light green, not dark as some other brands. This was outstanding.
    It goes without saying that OF COURSE only the best quality extra virgin olive oil was used in the product, again nothing to compare with the store-bought ones which often contain “pure olive oil” (please research what garbage they are allowed to sell under that legal term!!!)
    Up to now I used to preach about Gaziello’s pesto being the best in the world, and I am keeping complaining that I can’t buy that in the USA. I have to ship it via Germany, and then the shipping costs crank its price way up.
    Now after trying this Pesto (from Casa Lombardi) I would actually put Gaziello’s back on place 2 in the rank. This one might be the best pesto ever.
    I added the jar to 500 g perfectly cooked Faella Linguine (another MUST TRY brand sold exclusively by Gustiamo actually!!), mixed with sauteed stripes of red and green peppers. (Use fresh in the summer and frozen ones in the winter!) Too bad I cannot have you smell the scent that filled up my kitchen for hours after that! Do yourslef a favour and try it for yourself!

  2. riftfournier@mac.com says:

    The Casa Barone tomatoes I got from you are simply the best tomatoes I have ever tasted in my life!!! The New York Times blurb that inspired my calling you folks at Gustiamo understated how fabulous the tomatoes…I have spent the last 3 days telling my friends about them and where to order jars of Case Barone tomatoes.
    And thanks Martina for turning me on to the Latini Spelt Spaghetti — it is wonderful and with the Casa Barone cherry tomatoes beyond category! I will be back for more and more!

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