The King of Pesto


They call him the King of Pesto. True! He is Roberto Panizza who, finally, agreed to come to America with Gustiamo with his wonderful fresh pesto sauce. We are honored!!! This pesto needs refrigeration because it is made with all fresh ingredients and no conservatives. If you had a mortar and pestle, DOP genovese basil, genovese extra virgin olive oil, parmigiano reggiano aged 24 months, DOP pecorino fiore sardo, sea salt from Trapani, garlic from Vessalico… and a lot of time at your disposal, you can make it too!

Now, if you wish to hear the above again, but this time from the real King and with much more charm, click below and Roberto will explain to you in English what his Pesto is made with. Ah… he didn’t mention his most important ingredients: passion and integrity. Grazie Roberto!!!


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  1. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    Wow, I will need to try this out! The description of its ingredients made me so want it! It will be great on pasta, rice or even chicken.
    Just to be clear: the previous pesto you had (which I loved!!!) is no longer available? That was outstanding, but I would like to give the new one a chance to stand for itself and be great, too.

  2. I like all information, i give for giving thank you for sharing your blog,i hope you will come next with better recipes,you work is very good you worked so hard.

  3. Howard Jacobs says:

    You keep doing this to me Gustiamo! Release me from your spell.
    Delicious foods and now this.. Rossi pesto. I must have it!!!
    Im driving down next week. See you then HJ

    1. Danielle @Gustiamo says:

      Grazie Howard! From Beatrice and the Gustiamo team!

  4. Your pesto sauce is wonderful, ingredients are excellent!
    I love all exotic bbq sauce
    and yours are TOP!

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