Pasta Latini: Good Bye to the Legendary Red Box

When I last went to see Carlo and Carla Latini, last summer in Osimo, in the Marche region, I was introduced to the new addition to the company: Teresa, their lovely, beautiful and smart daughter. Teresa just graduated school for “branding and international marketing”, and has clear ideas about the future of the company. She said right away, (read here my post after the visit to the Latinis), that the first thing she wanted to change was the packaging. As we tend to resist changes, we were confident in the fact that in Italy nothing ever changes, let alone in Osimo! Well, Teresa is not only gifted, as I said before, but she also gets the job done, which is a quality I much admire, especially in young people.


Carla Latini
Carla Latini

Therefore… Say goodbye to the red (linea classica), blue (senatore cappelli), orange (taganrog), bordeaux (farro pasta) boxes. The new packaging is going to be white and black! We’ll share the pictures of the new packaging as soon as we have them. In the meantime, we still have some multicolored inventory  of Pasta Latini in the warehouse (left is Carla Latini in her multicolored warehouse in Osimo), which we offer to you at a HUGE discount: buy 3 or more boxes of Pasta Latini and we’ll add the same number of boxes (shapes of our choosing!) in your order, complimentary. So, if you buy 4 boxes of Pasta Latini, you’ll receive 8. Get it? Pasta lasts forever (almost), therefore, stock up your pantry! This offer is valid until supplies last and/or the new packaging is back in inventory, hopefully very soon. Magic word for this promotion is “white.” If you don’t write “white” in the “special instruction box” of your shopping cart, we will not know you want to take advantage of this HUGE promotion! Grazie mille, Teresa. Changes are good!!!

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  1. Lucy Almeida says:

    Aw, but I liked the red boxes! Hm, white and black might be better for the environment, as they (of course) don’t need the use of the red colour.
    Just last night I had prepared Latini pasta (Spaghetti ghitarra) with a tomatoe-tyme-sauce. Wonderful, how much sauce the rough surface of the rough-edged pasta will take on! I prefer the sqare-shaped quitarra spaghetti over the usual round ones, just because they can hold more sauce with the edges.
    Of course the Latini pasta is of such a great quality, any other shape will be perfect in their place of a recipe. But everybody will have their own favourites, I suppose. Mine are Bucatini (the thicker spaghetti with a tiny hole in the middle) and the mentioned Spaghetti ghitarra, as they have a bigger surface with their edgy shape.

  2. I loved the old RedBox, they were my first pasta shipping at Gustiamo…but I’m sure the new Whiteboxs are great, more essential, very elegant..and sure that is cool but when the quality is so or white is the same!!

  3. Hmmm… It’s a great idea that you guys changed the color of the boxes, though I can still imagine those red ones sitting on your warehouse racks. This way, consumers will somehow get the notion that a product is further improved because of its new packaging.

  4. Matilda! You should come in our warehouse! We still have some red boxes on the shelves. We are very nostalgic of the old packaging. But the new white and black is very sleek! And everybody loves it. Grazie!

  5. Some food companies prefer to use red for their establishments, packaging and logo. That’s because it can immediately attract attention. Besides, some people say that red makes them more excited and hungry. I’m not saying that you should go back to using red in your packaging. I guess you have already tested your new packaging and saw a positive difference! If people love your white and black packaging now, then it may be better to just stick to it. 😀

  6. Hi Jamie,
    as you can see from the gustiamo website, we agree on the color theory: lots of red on our pages! We did it without knowing it might make people more hungry, let’s hope…
    As for the red versus white and black Latini packaging, it was the producer’s decision, not ours, and although we liked the old earthy red, it’s nice to know the pasta inside is still of the same great quality as before. Thank you for the feedback, hope you’ll keep enjoying Latin!

  7. Paul Latini says:


  8. Is it possible to but this excellent anywhere?

  9. Is it possible to but this excellent pasta anywhere?

  10. Chuck Latini says:

    The color of the box doesn’t matter, just as long as the product is still the best! Ciao

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