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6a00e55029641d8834014e88ec95c5970d-800wi What do they say about Gustiamo? This is Gale writing: “It has been many years since I first heard about your company from Arthur Schwartz’s wonderful radio show. I have given your products as gifts to friends and family and annually buy all my olive oil from you when the new harvest arrives. I honestly believe you carry the best and most authentic products on the market and like to make my purchases from a small family-run business such as yours. When I had a problem with a shipment one year, I was able to call you, and the matter was resolved immediately. Much nicer than dealing with a large mail order catalog.”6a00e55029641d883401538ef96b76970b-800wi

Italy’s Best Food products and the best customer service! Amazon agrees! Five stars to Gustiamo on all the way!!! Read our ratings, here!



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  1. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    Congrats to this outstanding result, you can be really proud! And you deserve it!! As a customer of several years, I can confirm your customer service is really outstanding! Real people are answering the phone (or responding to email), with their real names, so they are taking responsibilty for what they are doing and saying.
    Not like in other mail order companies where everyone you approach is called “Sarah”, and when you want to get back to that person, nobody will be recognizable. Not so here! I love the fact that I “know” the people in Gustiamo, despite that I have never met any one of them.
    Never had a real issue or problem with my orders, but if I ever had one, I am sure it would be resolved right away. Gustiamo wants its customers to be happy, that is the impression I am getting from you every time!

  2. Grazie! With all our heart!!!

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