Pasta Latini, the Preferred Pasta of the Next Iron Chefs!!!

Chef Amanda Freitag
Chef Amanda Freitag

Chef Amanda Freitag is a celebrity chef, one of those who go on tv to do all those famous shows like “chopped”, “next iron chef”, “unique eats”. Sometimes you watch these shows and ask yourself, who are these people? Well, Amanda is a real chef and knows what she is talking about. She was interviewed by our friends at FindEatDrink.
Q. What pastas do you love to use? When it’s not made fresh. Is there a pasta company doing a great job?
A. Latini Pasta – … Pasta Latini. It’s cut through brass dies and this makes a HUGE difference as to how the pasta tastes and with the sauce, and what happens in the pan when you put it together with the sauces. Once you have that, it’s going to be hard to go to your old standbys, because that is really unique, really beautiful pasta.

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  1. I know Latini is a great pasta. But I also have to urge people to try your Faella pasta, from Campania. I’ve been using it now for several months and find that it really has a very distingctive taste and texture unlike any other. It’s become my pasta of choice. But, Latini is still good to have around as it has more shapes, and the wonderful farro pasta.

  2. grazie Scott! i’ll post your comment on facebook, too! Sergio Faella will love it! i just talked to him yesterday, he will come to America soon. i will make sure you meet him. ciao!

  3. grazie a tutti voi. con sergio faella siamo in ottima compagnia! the best pasta in the wordl! Latini and Faella! brava beatrice!

  4. grazie beatrice! pasta faella and pasta latini are the best in the world!

  5. Chefs really prefer unique tastes! She has that trait. I think that a large variety of pasta have been made since then, and all of them have unique tastes that everyone can enjoy. I believe pastas will never be gone in every chef’s list of recipes. 🙂

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