Gustiamo’s Spaghetti con Bottarga in Guida Garrubbo

We are honored to have the privilege of calling Ed Garrubbo one of our friends. The Garrubbo Guide is a mouthwatering recipe catalogue of pasta. The latest to be featured among the delectable pasta dishes is the Gustiamo classic: Spaghetti con Bottarga. It was a big hit over at Garrubbo:

“Just last weekend, I got by with a little help from my friends at Gustiamo. At their distribution center in the Bronx, they recently featured the work of several local graffiti artists who painted their courtyard walls. The event was great — Italian food, break dancers, rappers and of course, graffiti, an art form that dates back to ancient Rome… Aside from the importance of friends, their pasta recipe reminded me just how good genuine artisanal ingredients can be. Yes, I fully support buying local, but certain things are simply best from their source (in Toscana, Sardegna and Sicilia) — like this week’s olive oil, bottarga, capers, and pasta. All are incomparable (and buy-able at gustiamo).”

Grazie Mille Ed!


Click HERE to see the full article on Garrubbo Guide.

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