Italian Nuts.


Nuts are quintessentially Italian. They are also an important part of the Mediterranean diet.

Here’s the thing about these nuts:
There is more concentrated almondy, hazelnutty, pistachio-y, and pine nutty flavor in 1 of these nuts than in a handful of the conventional versions. 

Unpeeled Almonds from Noto, Sicily.

These almonds are the Romana variety. They are raw and world-renowned for their irrigation-less cultivation.



Peeled Almonds from Noto, Sicily.

Like the unpeeled almonds, these peeled almonds are Romana and raw. They are perfect for baking!



 Hazelnuts from Alta Langa, Piemonte.

Hazelnuts are best when they are collected from the ground, not harvested from the tree. These hazelnuts are toasted and have warm chocolaty notes!



Pine Nuts from Italy’s Tyrrhenian Coast.

Behold! The illusive Italian pine nut. The variety of this pine nut is Pinus Pinea, that’s the delectable kind. These are raw.



Pistachios from Bronte, Sicily.

These are those iconic pistachios from the base of Mt. Etna. They are raw.
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