Odette Fada, the Best Chef in NYC!

Frank de Falco, our new friend we met at Il Gattopardo, was thrilled to be invited at lunch at Gustiamo with Odette Fada (both at the end of the table, in the picture at left). Why? Frank is among the many fans of Odette who says she IS THE BEST CHEF in NY City. I don’t know who is the best, but whenever friends would ask me which was the most authentic Italian restaurant, I would always (always, for the past twenty years, since I moved here) say: San Domenico, on Central Park South. (Disclaimer: I didn’t know Odette, until very recently.)

Martina e Odette
Martina e Odette

But things always change in NY: San Domenico moved downtown, Odette moved to a new job (watch the video below to hear what Odette is doing) and all the other great chefs can now relax because she is no longer cooking. At least for now!

It was a big honor to have Odette in the warehouse (left with Martina). She not only is a great chef, she is proving to be a savvy and talented business woman; she is sweet, calm, soft spoken and beautiful. In the video below (click the arrow), she says she had   very good lunch (she doesn’t lie!) and was interested to see our excellent excellent (2 times) selection of food products. Grazie Odette! Best of luck to you!!!

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