Mayor de Blasio & Famiglia love Sant’Eustachio Coffee!

This is so fantastic, we cannot contain ourselves!!! Mayor de Blasio arrives in Rome and beelines it over to Sant’Eustachio. Literally, the first thing he did when he arrived in Rome yesterday was go for a Sant’Eustachio coffee!

We just spoke with Raimondo (pictured above with the first family), the owner of Sant’Eustachio coffee. He is totally honored to have served coffee to the Mayor of NYC. Not only did Raimondo tell us that Chirlane, Chiara, Dante, and Bill are lovely; and that they spent over an hour together; and that the Mayor’s Italian is pretty good; but he said that the Mayor could not stop saying how “Buonissimo” the coffee is and how with this coffee he is in “Paradiso!”

In fact, de Blasio loves Sant’Eustachio coffee so much that the Wall Street Journal reported today: “The mayor…unwaveringly says this is the best coffee anywhere in the world.”

Before he left, the Mayor bought a can of coffee to take home and he asked Raimondo where he can buy it in the USA, to which Raimondo replied, Gustiamo!

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  1. Joe Gandolfo says:

    Why should we care what that communist likes? He is ruining NYC.

    1. Danielle @Gustiamo Author says:

      You must admit though, the man has great taste in coffee! We are just excited to see a celebrity, of sorts, showing enthusiasm for one of Italy’s wonderful food artisans.

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