Panettone and Pandoro Season is Open

Year after year, Master Pastry chef Luigi Biasetto outdoes himself. Truly. His search for the best ingredients is unquenchable.

Panettone and Pandoro Biasetto have filled the Gustiamo warehouse with their heavenly perfume for more than a decade. Towards the end of October, we start craving that cloudy dough melting away on our tongue, juicy candied fruit bursting between our teeth, a sweet plume of sugar powder floating in the air.

We open the first Biasetto box with anxious anticipation. Take the first bite. And just like that, in a chorus: “It’s even better than last year!”

If this year’s Panettone + Pandoro Biasetto taste so sublime, it’s thanks to Luigi’s new secret ingredient: alpine pasture butter. Made with grass fed milk from the mountainous area around Padova, where the pastry lab is located, this butter adds an unparalleled depth of aroma to Biasetto’s signature sweet breads.

The most sophisticated dessert, Pandoro Biasetto is a full sensory experience. The elegant scent of vanilla from Madagascar meets the velvety sweetness of Tuscan acacia honey, with an indulgent yet feathery buttery crumb.

The Gusti pairing: a spoonful of the slightly tart Wild Berry Jam from Marco Colzani will elevate every Pandoro cotton-candy bite.


Fluffy, moist, lush. Each slice of the King of the Italian holidays is studded with pulpy raisins and four types of naturally candied fruit – orange, lemon, citron, and cherry. Let it warm up before serving and you’ll achieve sugary bliss.

The Gusti pairing: a cup chocolatey Giamaica coffee balances out Panettone’s sweetness and leaves you wanting another taste.