New Harvest EVOO from Lazio

“The quantity of oil we were able to make this year was much less than the 2021 production, but I was impressed by the aroma when I tasted it out of the olive mill. I think this is my favorite version of our Cru di Cures in many many years.” 

Antonella Fagiolo, on a video call from her horse stable, got us all excited about the new harvest of Cru di Cures extra virgin olive oil.

“Despite the horrible drought that we experienced last summer, September let us breathe a sigh of relief and in October we harvested small yet very plump olives,” she reassured us.

Antonella and her family make their EVOO in Fara Sabina, a hilly village just 30 miles NW of Roma. Their Cru di Cures embodies the quintessential qualities of extra virgin olive oil from Central Italy. Here’s the Gusti team + Antonella’s tasting notes of Cru di Cures 2022/2023:

NOSE: striking fragrance of freshly-cut grass, followed by intense sweet notes of tomato.
PALATE: rich flavor of almond with a great balance of aromas.
FINISH: more spicy than bitter, round yet clean mouthfeel.

The 2022/2023 harvest of Cru di Cures is a blend of Leccino and Frantoio, enriched by local Raja and Carboncella olive cultivars, as well as the precious Itrana and Pendolino varieties.


Antonella’s favorite way to enjoy new harvest Cru di Cures?

Drizzled on top of a steamy bowl of Pasta e Ceci. When you finish your pasta and chickpeas with fresh EVOO, the warmth of the dish heats up the oil, releasing all its intense aromas.

Read the recipe on the Gusti blog, it’s the same one that Antonella serves at her agriturismo in Fara Sabina.