Gustiamo People-Martina, by Danielle

Continuing our Danielle’s Gustiamo People series, today we present to you Gustiamo‘s Martina.

Martina is a woman after my own heart. She loves to eat.

I arrived in the Gustiamo warehouse around the same time that Martina returned from a trip to Italy. The first thing that Martina did after her home-coming was to purchase 2 huge cases of Gustiamo good-stuff to stock her kitchen. As if she hadn’t gotten enough of Italy’s best while in Italy!

The day after she got in from Italy, soon after shaking my hand, she announced “Ho fame”. We ate lunch early that day.

Martina also craves chocolate. Sometimes after our family-style lunch she would ask the question on everyone’s mind, well at least on my mind; “is there anything sweet to eat?” Once I saw her take a tiny espresso spoon, spoonful of Nero d’Avola wine jelly to satisfy her desire for something sweet… I’m not going to lie, I wanted to do the same. But who am I kidding, all of us here at Gustiamo love to eat; that is kind of the point.

What is especially remarkable about Martina is howBon Appetit she catalogues the things she eats in her mind and cross references them with the foodie blogoshpere. For example, during a typical lunch at Gustiamo Martina might say “pass the farro salad per favore… speaking of farro I am looking forward to making that farro and parmesan pie from Chef Giovanna at Luce in Portland, it was featured earlier this week in on Bon Appetit“.

Slow Food USAIn short, Martina is a PR extraordinaire and her method of navigating the food community on and off the internet is totally admirable; did I mention that she is also a Slow Food NYC board member and a Urban Harvest in Schools Co-Chair?