The Caper (Capper) Craze Continued

CapperiContinuing our discussion about capers, we copy below a comment posted by Gaia, where she gives an answer to a very important question we are often asked: Capers in salt or capers in something else? The short answer is: in salt, of course! Because capers in something else could be an industrial product. Here is Gaia’s long version.
Why salted Cappers (as Gaia calls them) are better?
There are two different ways of preserving cappers: the first is mainly used by the industrial producers and imply that the cappers are disposed in a jar and than covered with wine vinegar when the quality is good or with an acid fluid obtained with chemical citric acid, when the quality is poorer, meaning most of the time. Goes without saying it that this is not the proper way to taste cappers. What happens is that the acid element alters the true taste and is very hard to remove the acidity from the capper.

Capperi La NicchiaOn the other hand when the capper is salted you can easily remove the salt by leaving the capper in warm water for 30 min and than you will be able to taste the capper as if it was just harvested in Pantelleria…smelling all the nice flavors he brought along in his growth…
Grazie Gaia! Enjoy the Gustiamo salted Panteschi capers!

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  1. Spaghetti al Pesce Spada e Capperi di Pantelleria! Sicily land of sun and good food –

  2. Yes! Grazie Paola, Spaghetti with Swordfish and Capers is an excellent use of these capers. Great recipe!

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