Silver Medal at The LA Olive Oil Competition

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The EV Olive Oils: Cafaggio from Siena, Vicopisano from Pisa and Cru di Cures from Lazio performed very well at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. They all received the Silver Medal.

In our opinion, they all deserved the gold, but we understand. The 18 judges must have gotten distracted; in fact, it is very difficult to keep your concentration and gustatory buds when you taste 500+ oils!

To Enrico, Nicola and Laura our sincere congratulations.   

Post post addendum of 7/22 – pls read, very important:

We just read more dramatic news from Los Angeles!!! the LATimes (read the article) reports that “More than two-thirds of common brands of extra-virgin olive oil found in California grocery stores aren’t what they claim to be”. We are SHOCKED!!! Only two thirds? We thought MOST of the EV Olive Oil in the market are NOT  EV Olive Oils. Trust your  taste buds and your merchant! And remember, when the olive oil is cheap, it might be rancid!


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  1. Anche da parte mia!
    Beatrice, c’è bisogno di un concorso serio negli USA..The best EVO negli USA, secondo…;-)

  2. Thank you very mutch. I’m very glade for the silver medal in the 2010 competition in L.A.

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