Chef Ryan Hardy talks about Sirk Grape Vinegar

We’ve always had a big chef crush on Chef Ryan Hardy, of Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records. Why’s that? Well, because of his impeccable taste, discerning palate, and sincere appreciation for Italian foodmakers and farmers.  

Chef Ryan and Gustiamo share a love for Il Collio in Friuli, it’s a magical region and home to the most wonderful vinegar maker.  Here is what Chef Ryan has to say about Sirk Grape Vinegar:

“There are so many things to love in Cormons, a small city found in the Collio Goriziano region of northeast Italy. The producers there on the Italian-Slovenian border create products that broaden the Italian spectrum of flavor. No other region has captured the last decade like the Collio for its food, wine and hospitality in places like the Sirk family mountain lodge called La Subida. (Home to the very first ‘Cook It Raw’ symposium featuring chef Rene Redzepi by the way!) Along with the best extra virgin olive oil and moist sea salt; great vinegar is essential to my food, my life and my passion. The Sirk vinegar is unique in that it’s made from grape to bottle making it a closed loop control to provide the perfect acidity. I can’t get enough!”

-Chef Ryan Hardy