We are evolving! The new gustiamo.com is here!

We have always loved gustiamo.com, through all it’s versions – it is our amazing tool that let’s us send real Italian extra virgin olive oil from San Antonio to Fargo – but oh boy, have we come a long way since 1999. Technologically, we mean.

We just launched our new website! This is gustiamo.com version 3.0. We had a team of people work together to create this masterpiece. We don’t even know where to start to describe our group of tech-geniuses, writers, and artists who make this website possible; an INCREDIBLY STUPENDOUS group of people. All of whom, we should mention, are obsessed with good Italian food. Read about the Gustiamo website team here!

In short, we are in love with the new Gustiamo.com and have a feeling you will be too.