Better Than Hummus

Here’s THE THING about this recipe. It’s not fishy.

Let us repeat that,

Instead, it tastes like the savory, umami hummus of your dreams.

You eat this and then you say, “wait, what?!” Then, you don’t stop eating it.

It’s a true game changer.

The bottarga-y flavors blend SO WELL with the chickpea, lemon, garlic, and EVOO that when you taste it, you think, “hey, what’s that?”

Something different and mouth-watering. Chickpeas + bottarga are an incredible combination. Really, a match made in heaven

Lately, at the Gusti Warehouse, we have had a batch of this Chickpea Bottarga Spread on hand at all times. We are all addicted and can all be caught taking multiple trips per day to the fridge for a spoonful.
One of the many perks of being on the Gusti Team 😉