WSJ: Spaghettoni Faella are worth the cost, even with tariffs

After weeks of criticisms and negotiations, the new round of tariffs for some European foods went fully into effect at the end of October. And the Wall Street Journal promptly asked some “specialty food purveyors around the U.S. to name the European products they flatly refuse to live without.”

Along with the highly discussed Parmigiano Reggiano, Galician razor clams, San Simón Smoked Cheese, and Ibérico de Bellota Ham, the WSJ shines some light on a pantry staple historically hit by the anti dumping regulations, but less talked about: Italian pasta. They featured Spaghettoni Faella, representing the whole category of real Italian dry pasta.

Beatrice provocatively asked them: “Why doesn’t anybody talk about the old tariffs? Do you know that we pay 23% of duties on pasta imported from Italy? That’s why Italian pasta is so expensive in the U.S. Artisanal good pasta made in Italy with 100% Italian wheats, this is the European food I would never do without, no matter its price!”

All the pasta that we carry at Gustiamo is made from nothing but the highest quality Italian semola, it is all extruded through bronze dies, and is dried naturally for at least two days.

You can find the full selection of ingredients featured on the WSJ here.