In Memory of Marcella Hazan

Marcella Hazan inspired the lives of us all. She taught Americans how to cook Italian (real Italian) and use the best ingredients. Please, buy Marcella’s Favorites for yourself or for a friend. It’s a beautiful wooden crate full of the foods Marcella had in her pantry. 

As Victor Hazan says: it is a “munificent basket of Marcella’s favorites assembled by Gustiamo. [It includes] genuinely fruity Italian olive oil, fragrant red wine vinegar that she regarded as an indispensable condiment in any salad, the superior pasta of slow-paced artisans working in small batches, carnaroli, the matchless rice variety for risotto, sea salt, and the flavor foundation of numberless dishes, good anchovies…” and much much more, Victor says.

When you buy Marcella’s Favorites:

  • You (and/or your friend) will cook with the same best ingredients that Marcella used, the basic start to great Italian cooking. Then, use Marcella’s recipes and success is guaranteed.
  • You will help a great cause. A student will receive a scholarship in Marcella’s name at the International Culinary Center. Gustiamo will donate 30% of the proceeds to this scholarship. Victor is smiling

We celebrate Marcella’s birthday (April 15) and we thank her for being the inspiration of our kitchens and our lives. We remember Marcella Hazan and Gustiamo helps to continue her legacy. You can help, too.