We Have Colomba

In Italy Colomba is one of the first signs of spring bursting forth. Also known as Panettone of the Easter season, Colomba is a traditional cake that can be found on Italian tables from the first days of spring until after Pasqua.

Our Colomba comes from Biasetto in Padova and has just arrived here at the Gustiamo warehouse. Master Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto’s Colomba is a citrusy-buttery-nutty work of art with a loyal following in Italy and in the USA.

Here’s what our dear friend and food icon Victor Hazan has to say about Biasetto Colomba:

As soon as you pull a piece of this Colomba’s soft cotton candy crumb and put it in your mouth, you’ll understand why we call it the marvelous masterpiece of a true artisan.

Every ingredient sourced by Chef Luigi is absolutely impeccable, from the centenary sourdough of Casa Biasetto, to real eggs from local farmers, to the oranges from Calabria candied in-house, and the final crunchy topping of almonds from Bari.

Once opened, keep Colomba in its box at room temperature. One hour before serving, put Colomba in its bag on top of your heater. The butter inside will soften and the aromas will fill the room!