Heritage Radio Network at Terra Madre

We’re sure to attend Terra Madre Salone del Gusto when it happens every other year. It’s one of our favorite events! This Slow Food festival brings together more than 3000 passionate people from over 150 countries to Torino, all committed to good, clean, and fair food. We get to catch up with so many of our producers in the same place. Plus we get to meet some new ones as well!

This time around, we also got to speak with Dylan Heuer of Heritage Radio Network. Based in Brooklyn, HRN’s mission is to create a space for meaningful exchanges on the state of our food system today. We’ve been supporters of HRN since the very early days. Their values truly align with our own (and Terra Madre’s). There’s nothing more important than supporting small farmers and producers. They make the Italian culinary landscape what it is today:

“We as Italians should be more proud of what we have. We take for granted the beautiful landscape we have everywhere and the beautiful people that take care of this landscape. […] If we do not support these farmers, these small producers, these good people, they will abandon their land”

It may take us years to form a partnership with a certain farmer or producer. Once we start working together, we become partners in the good food fight, working side by side to protect and represent the most honest and authentic food that Italy has to offer. Have you ever heard us say “Gusti family”? That’s how we feel about our farmers and food makers.

You can listen to Beatrice’s full interview on Heritage Radio Network here.

She and Dylan discuss what defines real Italian food, what it means to be a disruptive importer today, and why it took us four years to pick the perfect pasta producer. Grazie Dylan! Come see us in the Bronx anytime.