Hazelnuts like no other

Meet an Italian icon. From gelato to chocolate gianduja and biscotti, hazelnuts have played a pivotal role in defining the Italian dolce taste.

Marco, Marco, and Giorgio, a trio of childhood friends, are our extraordinary Piemontese hazelnut farmers. They joined their neighboring family groves and founded Terra delle Nocciole. This is a story of community and preserving the most precious hazelnuts in the world.

Their 10,000 hazelnut trees are perched in Alta Langa (lit. High Langa, try driving up there, and you’ll understand why!), the place that made Italian hazelnuts universally recognized as the finest. In this area of Piemonte, cold nights and sea breezes from the Ligurian coast create the perfect microclimate for hazelnuts.

When grown in Alta Langa, the Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnut develops a unique, full-bodied sweetness and minerality utterly free from bitter or burnt notes. The ideal place, the perfect crop variety, the most dedicated people. That’s what makes these hazelnuts like no other.

Bonus: these are the exact same Nocciole used for Marco Colzani’s glorious Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. How’s that for a warranty?


We love to use Alta Langa hazelnuts in many of our recipes. But our favorite (and no-sweat) is undoubtedly as a decadent ice cream topping.

Pair Hazelnuts + Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, and you will create a round, mineral, complex, and rich dolce.

Trust us; it’ll steal the show.