Handmade Tumminia Flour Busiate with Fire Roasted Red Sauce

With a fresh 5kg bag of Castelvetrano Flour in the pantry, our friend @saucesandwich_ has been blending this stone ground Sicilian flour into some of his favorite recipes. After starting with the simplest recipe for whole wheat pancakes, he stepped up his game (and showed his natural skills) with these handmade Busiate di Tumminia. No doubt, he fell in love with Tumminia:

The flour has an amazing smell and flavor. The shipment from Gustiamo could not come at a better time. It’s also a reminder that we need to support food producers here and in Italy, especially the ones producing wholesome and heirloom ingredients found no where else in the world.

Watch the video for a step by step description of the technique: pay attention, this shape can be tricky to nail!
Read the sauce sandwich blog for the full recipe with splendid photos.