Sicilian Whole Wheat Pancakes

What makes these Sicilian whole wheat pancakes so special? The flour. Our friend @saucesandwich came by the Gustiamo warehouse the other day and decided to treat himself to a big 5kg bag of Castelvetrano Flour from Sicily. Yes, he must really love stone milled ancient grains! So we weren’t surprised when he told us that he had a plan for all that flavorful flour. He would blend a small percentage into his go-to recipes to add all the fragrant aromas without altering the mouthfeel too much. Well, that’s exactly how we started experimenting with all Molini del Ponte Sicilian flours.

With his very talented and energetic kids Felix and August, they kicked off the recipe testing with a crowd pleaser: semi healthy and super tasty whole wheat pancakes. Watch the video for the step by step recipe and some serious food education (spoiler: butter is better).


SERVES: 4-6 people
TIME: About 20 minutes


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Add the wet ingredients, and mix well.  Add the farmer’s cheese last,  then mix gently without breaking it up too much (you want it a little chunky).
  2. Heat butter on griddle or skillet on medium/high heat (a generous amount is recommended). When butter foam subsides, ladle batter onto it, making pancakes of any size you like. Flip pancakes after bubbles rise to the surface and bottoms brown (2 to 4 minutes for each side).
  3. Serve immediately finishing with some flake salt and drizzling maple syrup or Saba.