New York Magazine: Italy’s Other Tomatoes

piennolo in new york magazineA whole page! New York Mag has dedicated a whole page to what they call “Italy’s Other Tomatoes,” aka Casa Barone Piennolo Tomatoes. Che bello! Talk about food and art. What do they have to say about these famous Mt. Vesuvious vine tomatoes?

“These are some seriously pedigreed tomatoes. Slow Food certification? Check. EU D.O.P. status? Absolutely. Are they grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, as they have been since 1944, then hand-picked one by one in August? You bet they are. In short, San Marzanos have nothing on Casa Barone piennolos. None of that would matter, of course, if they didn’t taste the way they do — spectacularly full-flavored, with an ideal balance between sweet and acid. Sauté them briefly in olive oil with garlic and basil, then toss with spaghetti. And forget about the grated Parmesan — it would only detract from the flavor of the tomato.”

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