Gustiamo Gift Basket is Wirecutter’s “Best Gift for Cooks”

All too often, holiday gift baskets leave much to be desired. Overpriced, over-packaged, and over-hyped. Thankfully, the editors over at Wirecutter put together a wonderful list of holiday gift baskets that are actually worth buying (and receiving). The title really says it all: “Most Gift Baskets Are Terrible. These Are Great

Our very own “Party in Cucina” gift basket tops the list of “best gift for cooks”, grazie Wirecutter! This box represents our pantry must-haves, our desert island ingredients we simply can’t live without. The best thing about the selection is that these ingredients are totally approachable for every kind of cook. Who doesn’t love pasta al pomodoro or chocolate hazelnut spread on toast? As Wirecutter notes “we think the luxurious Party in Cucina box is approachable enough to appeal to most recipients, whether they be clients, colleagues, or family.”

But don’t let its wide-ranging appeal fool you, the Party in Cucina products are anything but pedestrian.


-> Black Bella di Cerignola Olives: The biggest, blackest olives you’ve ever seen, these aperitivo show-stoppers have a mild, buttery flavor.

-> Pianogrillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Tops the list of Forbes “Best Olive Oil You Can Buy Right Now According to Chefs“. This Sicilian EVOO is super balanced and prized for it’s versatility.

-> Maccheroni Rigatoni di Toscana Martelli: Made with 100% Italian wheat at a family pastificio in Lari, this slow-dried pasta has mystical levels of sauce-clingability.

-> Coarse Sea Salt: Used by the likes of Marcella Hazan, Samin Nosrat, Mark Bittman, and Stanley Tucci. Gathered from the Mediterranean sea in Northwestern Sicily, Trapani Sea Salt is naturally higher in minerals and lower in sodium.

-> Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: At 50% Piedmontese Tonda Gentile hazelnuts, this is the best chocolate hazelnut spread you will ever taste. From master chocolatier Marco Colzani, the only other ingredients are cacao and raw sugar.

-> Piennolo Tomatoes: Grown within Mount Vesuvius National Park itself just a breath away from the Mediterranean sea, these are one of the only three tomato varieties authorized by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana for an authentic pie.

-> Giamaica Moka Coffee: These beans are roasted over open-flame in Verona on the only roasting machine of its kind still in use today. No part of the process is automated, each batch is unique and roasted to order.

All these goodies come packaged in a reclaimed, “cool-looking” per Wirecutter, wooden crate packed to order by our warehouse team. These crates are actually re-purposed produce boxes we get from one of the oldest markets in the Bronx!

Order Party in Cucina here, or check out our other gift baskets here.