Online Guides to Food Shopping

During these days of uncertainty even grocery shopping might require that we rethink our habits. What items should we stock our pantry with? How often should we buy groceries? Where can we find the ingredients for that recipe we want to try? Some of our favorite food websites put together a guide to food shopping online, in light of the idea that “Your local grocery store is out of flour. The internet isn’t.” And that perhaps rethinking our habits could be for the better.

In some cases, shopping online means fostering closer connections between farmers and the food consuming public, writes Robert Sietsema on Eater. Read here the full Eater guide on food shopping during coronavirus. Gustiamo is right there in the middle:

Bronx combo retailer and wholsaler Gustiamo sells premium Italian groceries in bulk, so if you don’t mind buy 5 12 pounds of spaghetti at one time, this may be your place. Olive oil, canned tomatoes, dried porcini mushrooms, capers, pistachios, balsamic vinegar, are only a few examples. Shipping via UPS anywhere in the city and continental United States.

Bon Appetit arranged a very useful list of their favorite pantry staples online, divided into categories. Scroll down to Specialty Grocers to find Gustiamo among many of our friends.

Here’s your reminder that some of our favorite food products can be found online and shipped nationwide, either directly from the producers or through specialty stores.

And finally, La Cucina Italiana focused on a selection of the best Colomba, a seasonal favorite:

Gustiamo, the Italian food import company based in the Bronx, NY, selects only Colomba Biasetto for its customers – handmade by award-winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto in Padova. This Colomba is made with a carefully selected recipe that Mr. Biasetto sources himself. Colomba Biasetto has a fluffy, porous and ever-so-slightly dry texture from excellent flour combined with natural yeast, which has been nurtured for 90 years over several generations. A rich layer of frosting decorated with luscious, toasted almonds on top. Blended fresh, organic eggs and butter.