Lake Como is Blueberryland

Why do Marco Colzani’s Blueberry Nectar + Forest Berry Jam taste so real?

Trying these products for the first time can be shocking: your senses are overwhelmed by this exemplary berry flavor with sweetness, brightness, and juiciness in glorious harmony.

To understand how Marco created such heavenly berry confectioneries, we went straight to the berry fields, just south of Lake Como.

On a typical weekday, Marco would travel to the enchanting Villa Sommi Picenardi to pick up Italy’s best blueberries from farmer Azzurra. Going there rather than waiting for deliveries has perks: the freshest the produce, the better the product.

Once picked, the berries go immediately to Marco’s lab, just fifteen miles away from the fields. Here, the second phase of the magic happens. Marco is a trained enologist with a minimalist mantra: to respect these natural jewels and preserve their original beauty, he doesn’t add anything more than raw Italian sugar and lemon juice.

Marco Colzani Blueberry Nectar + Forest Berry Jam are seriously the closest you can get to the freshest, most delicious Italian berries and they taste like summer in Lake Como.