This recipe comes from Marcella Cucina and it’s a dish that has bejeweled our dinner tables for years.

As Marcella wrote, “there are as many different risotti as there are days in the year,” and well – this is THE season for Risotto with Borlotti Beans and Sausage. This recipe is a Gustiamo favorite because:

#1 The most time-consuming part of it can be made in advance. You can soak and cook the Borlotti beans 1 or 2 days before. Then, completing the preparation won’t take longer than 35 minutes.

#2 Quoting Marcella, “beans in risotto is the tastiest expression of this combination.” The full creaminess of Borlotti in a starchy Carnaroli risotto is peerless.

#3 It’s simple and rustic. Most of the ingredients are pantry staples. And it’s a no waste recipe, with the bean cooking water becoming the richest broth to cook the risotto.

?You could use other varieties of beans to make this recipe, but we strongly advice to try hard for the Borlotti because they are tastier.”

?“Pork sausage should be as plain as possible, without tomato, fennel seeds, sage, chili pepper, or other exotic flavorings.” It’s all about the simple things.

?Mantecare is EVERYTHING. It’s the final, crucial step to achieve a perfect risotto. Good butter and grated Vacche Rosse Cheese will “bestow on your risotto a creamy consistency and great opulence.” Listen to Marcella: don’t skip it!

How to store Vacche Rosse Cheese
Okay, you grated your cheese to perfect the final step of the risotto. What now?

Store Vacche Rosse Cheese in its open bag in the fridge for up to three months. This is a 24 month old cheese, so it will keep for a long time. If you manage not to eat it all while cooking the risotto, that is.