How to Properly Fillet Salted Anchovies

Last time we saw Giulio, our Amalfitan Anchovy and Colatura producer, we were slightly annoyed. Beatrice actually yelled at him. Here’s the video. Why? He didn’t have an email address and anytime we needed to speak with him, it was an ordeal, mostly because he never answered his phone! He didn’t even have a fax machine!! We are all about traditional methods but this was a little extreme, and Beatrice told him so!

We are happy to report that Giulio now has email, and he even checks it from time to time. But Giulio has been waiting to take his revenge on Beatrice. The other day when our Danielle was in Cetara, he finally had his chance because, as it turns out, Giulio is strongly opposed to Beatrice’s style of filleting salted anchovies.

Here’s the video. As you can see, Giulio yells at Beatrice as he watches a video of her filleting anchovies. Don’t worry if you do not understand him, we do not understand everything he says either, his dialect is very strong. Regardless of language, we are sure you can tell he is not happy. He even ends his rant, with sympathy for the anchovy in Beatrice’s hands, saying “povero pesce” (poor fish). After watching this video, he took Danielle into the back of his shop to show her the proper way to clean and fillet an anchovy and left Danielle with explicit instructions to bring this video home to Beatrice. So we thought we might as well share it with you all. Here it is! The expert how-to clean and fillet a salted anchovy video.

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  1. Geez, maybe I don’t want to know what YOU were doing to the poor things? The demo is pretty much what we’ve done since first discovering these tasty gems many years ago. Mangia bene!

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