From Lazio and Liguria, New Olive Oil

Toilhe USA has kicked off the New Year with some spunk! Everyone is buzzing about the 60 Minutes EVOO Fraud piece, which always brings up the inevitable question…

Where to buy real, good Italian EVOO?

Eccoci! These are our two latest oils to arrive. The New Harvest, 2015-16 oil, continues to impress us. These EVOOs are stupendous! And yes, they are—no ifs, ands, or buts—REAL.

Cru di Cures is for those who love an oil with a perfect balance of spice, bitterness, and fruitiness.Tasting notes:
Wild grass and herbs on the nose.
Balanced taste.
Hints of green apple & almond

Benza BuonOlio is for those who love an oil with
lots of flavor amazing and just a bit of spice.Tasting notes:
Fresh cut grass on the nose.
Smooth taste with no bitterness.
Just a tickle of spice

Oh, and last but not least, it’s January 6th…






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