Victor on Marcella’s Bean

This post was written by Victor Hazan and originally published on Facebook.

It’s a sweet story, and gratifying besides, because the bean that now carries Marcella’s name is the finest cannellini variety known. What moves me is Marcella’s portrait on the page. Melissa Lyttle, the New York Times photographer who took it the year before Marcella’s death, captured her look better than anyone ever had: The profound intelligence, the humanity, the openness, the directness of her gaze, penetrating yet warm. Melissa gave me a large print of it, and it hangs alone on the wall of the entrance to our apartment. It is the image to which I address my last words of the day, updating her on our doings, renewing the expression of my love, bidding her good night. Victor

January 6, 2016
Photo by Victor Hazan

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