Italian Sounding Food Products. Enough is Enough!!!

Repubblica Italiana The Republic of Italy is getting serious at defending food made in Italy? We hope so. About time!

We and other importers of Italian food were invited, the other day, by Luca Zaia, the Italian Minister of Agriculture, at Del Posto. Mr. Zaia came with a basket full of items he purchased at a nearby store full of “Italian Sounding” products. He said that out of 10 products with a made in Italy label, only 1 is really made in Italy. He promised that his Ministery will even seek legal action against any manufacturer/merchant who sells “Italian Sounding” products.

May Justice be done!

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  1. can you share the names of these products? is there any way we can discern between the real items and the imposters when shopping?

  2. ciao kmarie, sorry it took me so long. go to our Facebook page i just uploaded some pictures i took during my last visit to my local Food Emporium supermarket. i could have gone anywhere else and would have found even more Italian Sounding products. nine out of ten are not made in Italy.
    if you speak Italian, there is also a very interesting video where Minister Zaia says that not even the “product of Italy” on the label guarantees the product is made in Italy.

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