Danielle’s Gustiamo People series: Alice.

The first thing Beatrice told me about Alice (a-lee-chay) was that she received her PhD in olive oil. After which, Beatrice explained that this is the new pre-requisite to work at Gustiamo; of course, she was joking… I think.

For her doctoral dissertation, which was specifically about olive ripening and its effect on oil, Alice did her fieldwork in her home region of Veneto (+ 5 months in Germany). In fact, she grew up practically around the corner from Pasticceria Biasetto in Padova and has great memories of going there to buy their Panettone, Pandoro and Colomba for the holidays.

Alice LOVES good olive oil and has developed a very sophisticated palate. It is a pleasure to see her facilitate an oil tasting. She can tell you all the characteristics of an olive oil and which food pairing is best. She’s a delight to listen to!

When I asked her, what she thought of flavored olive oil, she replied: why do you need to flavor it? If you want your oil to taste like orange, lemon or rosemary, just get that ingredient and infuse your oil with it! A few hours will do, she says.  After that, I didn’t need to hear anything more, I knew she was perfect! Alice is Gustiamo’s kind of person! Welcome to the GustiTeam, Alice.

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  1. Welcome Alice, so happy you’re with us!

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