Cioccolato Surprise

We’re kicking off the chocolate season with two new treats from the chocolate master Marco Colzani. Introducing Arabica Coffee + Alta Langa Hazelnuts dragées. With his new chocolate covered candies, Marco takes his bean-to-bar ethos to a whole new snackable level.


Your coffee break just got a little more portable: arabica coffee beans from Brazil are dipped into 66% dark chocolate from Ecuador. Once again, Marco Colzani perfects an all-time favorite treat with his minimalistic recipe. No wax, no flavourings, no emulsifiers.

Perfect balance of smooth and crunchy, sweet and bitter.




50% hazelnuts, 50% chocolate, nothing else. To be exact, Ecuador chocolate from Puerto Quito wrapped around Alta Langa hazelnuts, always sourced from our guys at Terra delle Nocciole.

A crunchy texture that is deeply satisfying with a sweet and rich taste. You can’t eat just one. Uno tira l’altro, as we say in Italy.