From Rome: New Oil

In the rolling hills of Lazio, surrounded by citrus trees and olive groves, sits the Fagiolo farm, run by Antonella and her family.

On these hills just 25 miles north of Rome, there’s evidence of human settlement from the Paleolithic period, as well as olive trees that are 3000 years old. Talk about traditional products!!

The Fagiolo family chose to keep their local ancient olive varieties, like Raja and Carboncella, and produce an oil that is the expression of their precious territory: Cru di Cures extra virgin olive oil.

Cru di Cures is an EVOO with a cult following, and for good reason:

“This olive oil is like a fine wine and should be savored for its fruity bouquet and subtle elegant flavor. It is smooth, yet bursting with the flavor of fine, ripe, fruity olives. I heartily recommend this olive oil if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.”
– M. James

The 2023/2024 harvest of Cru di Cures is here and it’s as flavorful as it could be. The Gusti team agrees with M. James, the intense aroma of pure olives is emboldened by hints of green almond and a balanced bitterness, with just a hint of pepperiness at the very end.


The bold flavors and bright colors of this Citrus Salad with Castelvetrano Olive Relish will wake up your senses. A balanced olive oil without too much spice like Cru di Cures enhances all the flavors without overpowering them.