Celebrating at Roscioli

When you walk in to Roscioli in Rome you might get the impression that Gustiamo did their buying. We carry so many of the same products, from Martelli to Tre Torri, Faella, Pianogrillo… the list goes on and on! What we can we say, Gustiamo and Roscioli both have an eye for picking out Italy’s Best Foods!

BURRATA WOOD FIRED PIZZAWe just ate at Roscioli the other day. It was excellent: mozzarella di bufala, salame of black nebrodi pig, semi-dried pachino tomatoes, amatriciana, carbonara… we could go on. But this dinner was especially fabulous because Chas of Burrata Wood Fired Pizza, our wonderful friend and customer was with us. And we were celebrating!

IMG_1851Just a few hours before we headed over for dinner, we saw that Chas and the lovely Lauren had just gotten engaged in Florence and they were headed for Rome. So we invited them and they joined us. At dinner Lauren told us that she was so happy we called and that they had actually planned to eat at Roscioli that night! Lucky we did call, they wouldn’t have found a table. We had to make a special call just to get a reservation!

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