C-Amaro: New Italian Chocolate, first time in the USA

Bean to bar chocolateIt’s time for the USA to meet Marco Colzani!

Marco is a wonderful chocolate artisan! He produces C-Amaro chocolate, south of Lake Como. Marco is totally dedicated to the natural flavors of the cocoa bean. He is among the world’s few true “bean to bar” chocolate makers. In fact, he describes his chocolate as “freshly squeezed cacao beans + a bit of sugar.”

Here are some facts about Marco’s chocolate:

  • Marco’s recipe is never the same twice! He changes it based on the flavor profile of each new sack of beans
  • Only 2 ingredients: cacao and cane sugar
  • Chocolate comes in 5 gram squares, which according to Marco is the very best size for savoring chocolate
  • Marco’s method of aging and not conching highlights the natural aromatic attributes of the cacao beans

Click HEREĀ to read more about Maro’s chocolate and find the links to buy in our Newsletter.


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