Biasetto’s Summer Panettone in Dissapore

Summer panettone is here to stay. Panettone Estivo is gaining momentum across Italy and the world as a non-negotiable summertime treat. No more waiting until December to get your panettone fix!

Dissapore, an online Italian food magazine specializing in food rankings, recently included award-winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto’s Summer Panettone in their article about the 7 best “panettoni estivi“:

“The Summer Panettone from one of Italy’s most famous pastry chefs is made with Marsala macerated raisins, Calabrian oranges, candied ginger and vanilla. Sold in a 500g loaf, we recommend pairing it with gelato or with Passito or another fragrant, sweet wine.”

Delicious recommendation! Summer panettone is a fantastic end to a lengthy outdoor meal. It also just happens to be the perfect size to take along to the beach or on a picnic.