Early Panettone and Pandoro

The Gusti warehouse gets a yellow tinge + buttery whiff: the awaited Biasetto treats made it to the Bronx in time for our end of October sweet cravings!

Uber-curated ingredient selection with a focus on local producers, centenary sourdough, entire production by hand, a feathery crumb that melts in your mouth and warms your palate with its silky texture.

In the past years, we’ve said anything that could be said about the best Panettone and Pandoro in town, season after season these two remain undefeated. So, this time we’ll let Master Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto do the talking.

G: Which one’s your favorite?
L: Pandoro! So much more challenging to make and so much more elegant flavor.

G: The most popular of your creations?
L: Panettone, the polar star in the Biasetto constellation. It’s received more awards than any other Panettone artigianale italiano.

G: The richest?
L: The crumb of Panettone must be studded with A LOT of candied fruit. In our recipe we have oranges, citron, and cherries, plus some other secret ones!


G: The most entertaining?
L: Sprinkle the powdered sugar on your Pandoro and shake the bag in front of your guests. Not only will you share a fun moment, but the heavenly aroma will create a mouthwatering effect!

G: The one that can be devoured in one session?
L: Place Panettone on the table and invite your guests to shred it with their hands instead of cutting slices. It will be gone before you know it.

Shelf life and storage:
Store Panettone and Pandoro at room temperature in their bag. They will keep for up to 4 months, so you can stock up and build your own Biasetto stash.

Such a long shelf-life is possible thanks to acacia honey, one of the most potent natural preservatives. AND! Chef Biasetto uses twice as much as other producers for his award-winning Panettone and Pandoro.