Gustiamo President Beatrice Ughi Named Cavaliere della Stella D’Italia

The Italian Republic officially recognized our Presidente’s contributions to the promotion of Italian excellence abroad by naming her a Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy, or Cavaliere della Stella D’Italia. This acclaimed distinction acknowledges people whose work promotes cooperation between Italy and other countries, raising the prestige of Italy and its culture. If anyone deserves this honor, it’s Beatrice!

Beatrice Ughi founded Gustiamo back in 1999 (ecommerce pioneer!) with the goal of importing the best possible Italian products into the United States. This award recognizes her relentless commitment to supporting Italian farmers and artisans creating the highest quality products with integrity and passion. Through Gustiamo, Beatrice has introduced Americans to what real Italian food should taste like and allowed chefs and home cooks across the United States to make the most delicious creations with the best possible ingredients.

The ceremony took place on April 19 2023 at the Consulate General of Italy in New York, with family, long-time friends, and colleagues past and present: basically, we gathered all our favorite people in the same room. Rick Easton of Bread and Salt Bakery in Jersey City provided the most delectable spread to make it a real Gusti ceremony. In her acceptance speech, Beatrice acknowledged the farmers and artisans without whom Gustiamo wouldn’t exist:

“I would like to thank our producers, the small farmers who are taking care of our land, they understand it’s because of them that I’m receiving this fantastic recognition. They can’t be here today because they are fishing for mackerel, planting tomatoes, and pruning the olive trees. These are the people keeping our country as beautiful as it is and we need to keep protecting them.”

GRAZIE DI CUORE to the Gustiamo community around the country who support our mission and allow these producers to continue doing what they do best, encouraging the preservation of Italian culinary heritage and advocating for gastronomic innovation at the highest level.

Congratulazioni Beatrice! As Victor Hazan, husband of the late and great Marcella Hazan puts it: “It’s not Italy that honors you, it’s you who honors Italy everyday with your work.