Alan, our IT pro, likes our foods. Are we bartering?

Alan in the office
Alan in the office

The other day, a warning came up on my computer screen with something like “…symantec disabled…”. Alan, our IT pro, needed to be informed. Instead of writing the whole warning message down, I thought it would be much smarter to take a picture and email it to him. Not only wrong; bizarre, thought Stefano who was passing by. He told me there is a button on the keypad that allows you to print the screen. What a revelation! This is my level of computer literacy.

Alan Kok is one of those tech guys whose emails are undecipherable and you need an interpreter younger than 21 to make sense of them. Other than that, he is perfect. He is very knowledgable and always available to log into our server from wherever he is; he comes regularly to the office to check things out (on the left, Alan, at my desk trying to fix some new mess I made) and has lunch with us. YES! This techie loves our foods, too. He could drink our Cafaggio EV Olive Oil straight from the bottle! So we made an agreement: his professional services are partially paid with food purchased from Gustiamo. This is great, we need him so much, we wouldn’t be able to afford him otherwise. This is a Win Win situation, as they say.

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  1. Ha, I like this a lot!
    I wished it would be done more often! Many people have skills and talents, but they are not getting paid for them, and when they need things, they have to pay with money they don’t have much of.
    I speak several languages, but nobody cares, and there is no way of making an income with that here. But I would be the first one to sign up for something like that, if a chance like that came up for me in my area, haha! You both win, indeed! Good for you both!

  2. do you have time? work with us! barter with Italy Best Foods!!! email me
    ciao. e grazie.

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