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This marmalade leaves no room for flavor ambiguity; it is so fantastically Mandarin-y! Caffè Sicilia’s Mandarin Marmalade is made by pastry chef Corrado Assenza and it is really bursting with deep mandarin flavor, with an earthy, mildly tart citrus taste that’s not too sweet. It has a chunky texture of real fruit flecked with rind, which gives it a lovely multi-hued orange color. 

This marmalade is mostly fruit! And it's the perfect way to enjoy the essence of real Sicilian mandarins on toast, pastries, cheeses, or as a filling for a traditional Italian crostata. The pink grapefruit used for this marmalade are grown locally in Sicily and transformed by master pastry chef Corrado Assenza in Noto. He insists on using the best ingredients he can find from local farms for his line of marmalades, nuts and sweets, all produced by hand in the shop’s kitchen. He is legendary, a genius of Sicilian sweets.

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