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Allow us to introduce the Leone di Carpineto (2) 500+ year old olive trees. These olives are hand harvested, washed, pressed, and bottled within hours of picking from the tree. Not only that, but this is a Ghetto Gastro x Gustiamo collab and the limited edition bottles can only be found on this website. This will be the first olive harvest from Italy in the United States, this year. Meaning this will be the freshest Italian olive oil in the country, limited to only 150 bottles. Very RARE!  

We want to share with our community the things we have learned, and most importantly tasted, on our travels. This sharing of cultures is vital to our essence and being.

When our friends at Gustiamo hit me to come press olive oil in Italy during the height of harvest season, it was a no brainer. Plus, it was fashion week in Paris, so I didn’t really need much more of an excuse to hop on a plane and drop in the flame.

I touched Paris for a quick 24 and hopped on the first thing smoking to Rome. After about a 3 hour drive, we arrive. A small quiet place named Molise, this region is old, I’m talking ancient Roman gladiator stadiums in the middle of the town old. It is also home to PARCO DEI BUOI, a family owned 2k trees olive farm.

Considering other olive farms have upwards of 40k trees, Francesco and his family are running a tight operation and are able to pay close attention to the details.

Proceeds will be donated to our friends at the Food for Soul refettorio in Harlem by Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara, where they have set up a beautiful operation to feed those in need.

Chef P + Ghetto Gastro

This bottle of extra virgin olive oil comes from Gustiamo, an independent Bronx based importer that sources some of the most authentic and real food from Italy. Our mission is to improve the quality of Italian food in the United States, while supporting artisanal grastronomic traditions and connecting good farmers + food makers in Italy with eaters and home cooks across the US.