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Support local art, support good food! A basket full of pasta made in the legendary pasta making city of Gragnano! Even better, the wooden crate that the pasta comes in is painted by Lady K Fever, Bronx graffiti artist. This gift is the epitome of what's good in The Bronx combined with some traditional Italian flavor. Our beautiful wooden gift crates are re-purposed produce boxes, we get them from one of the oldest produce markets in The Bronx. When our graffiti artist friends saw them, they could not stop themselves from painting them with sharpies and spray paint. These crates are a wonderful canvas for graffiti!  40% of the proceeds of this box go to The Bronx Graffiti Art Gallery. Gustiamo is home to The Bronx Graffiti Art Gallery, a beautiful outdoor art gallery in Piazza Gustiamo (the courtyard space outside our warehouse). This gallery was created to embrace and preserve the graffiti art tradition in The Bronx

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