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This gift box was designed by Elizabeth Minchilli and it was custom made for you, her followers and readers. Elizabeth says: One of my favorite menus from my book, The Italian Table, is the Lunch in a Renaissance Garden. Although you may not be able to recreate the setting (a 16th century garden located north of Rome) you can - with a little help - recreate the menu. I’ve put together a basket full of ingredients to help you get started. This package makes the perfect gift for someone you know who loves to cook. And hopefully they’ll be so happy they will invite you to the dinner! The Menu:  Bertolacce - Savory Crepes Pasta with Ragu Pork Fillet with Hazelnuts Zucchini with Mint Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookies Your basket includes the following ingredients to help get you started: Maiorca Flour: A 1 kilo package of flour from one of my favorite mills in Sicily, Molini del Ponte. Their Maiorca flour is made from an ancient variety of Sicilian heritage wheat, and has no preservatives or additives. You can use it to make the crepes as well as the cookies. Sicilian Sea Salt: This is a pantry staple you probably take for granted, and is in every recipe in this meal. Sea Salt from Trapani is gathered on the northwest coast of Sicily and is not only nutritious and free of additives, but also produced in a sustainable way.  2 bags of Spaghetti Faella: Even though my original lunch includes home made egg pasta, the ragu sauce is equally good atop by favorite brand of spaghetti, Faella.  2 cans of San Marzano Tomatoes: It’s not always easy to find high quality Italian plum tomatoes. This brand, Gustarosso, is one of the items I most often recommend to my readers, since it pairs high quality with a fair price. Not easy to find! Alta Langa Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts are featured in two of the recipes in this menu, the pork roast, as well as the delicious chocolate hazelnut cookies. These nuts are already peeled and toasted and ready to go into both recipes.  And finally, your basket includes a copy of my book The Italian Table: Creating Festive Meals for Families and Friends, with a signed bookplate. Firmato, Elizabeth Minchilli
This gift box comes from Gustiamo, an independent Bronx based importer that sources some of the most authentic and real food from Italy. 
Our mission is to improve the quality of Italian food in the United States, while supporting artisanal grastronomic traditions and connecting good farmers + food makers in Italy with eaters and home cooks across the US. 

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Are you part of a company who has 10 or more gifts to send? The Gustiamo [not so] Corporate Gift Program is the answer.