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This “Rimacinata Cuore” is Sicilian grain miller Filippo Drago’s version of everyday Sicilian flour, made from the Simeto, Duilio, and Appio varieties of Sicilian durum wheat ground using steel rollers. This hard durum wheat semola flour, aka Rimacinata Cuore, is an amazing all purpose flour. It is perfect for making fresh pasta; it gives homemade pasta a wonderful rich aroma and fantastic rough texture. This flour is also perfect for bread, focaccia, pizza, biscotti, and hearty, rustic desserts. It can be added to any dough to enrich the texture and flavor of sweet and savory baked goods! 
This semola di grano duro rimacinata cuore is milled at Filippo Drago's mill in Castelvetrano. At 11.5% protein, this is a deliciously simple all-purpose flour.
Filippo is particularly respected throughout Sicily for making Pane Nero di Castelvetrano according to traditions, including baking the bread in an oven burning 100% olive tree wood.
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